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23rd November 2006

lizzle11:16am: *waves*
*pokes All Dogs Fans*

My name's Betsy. I'm a 21 year old art teacher from Maine and an artist myself. I'm a Bluth-dork to the very CORE!
I'm glad there there are fan communities dedicated to his films! I actually just TODAY got don_bluth up and running...so it's all brand new and shiny.

Terrific job with the site...I do like the Charlie layout.

Nice to meet you all!

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20th August 2005

charlie_barkin12:37pm: Hi there! =) I'm from Russia. All Dogs is a way of my life.
I see there is another Charlie Barkin in LJ =) Hello brother =)
I'm joined here for interest only, I don't promise to post here something.. I haven't enough of time and internet.. unfortunately =\
May be sometime, will be a time, then I'll finish my site and will can talk with foreign fans of ADGTH.. But not now.
Sorry for my bad English. See ya later..

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5th February 2005

_daae_1:10am: Oh my goodness, my first joined community ^_^ How awesome is that?
I love All Dogs go to Heaven, so so so much. I draw them all the time, and I just luff it all.
Yay ^^

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5th August 2004

fallingforever77:12pm: hey
Hey I am new here! I Absolutly love All Dogs Go To Heaven. It is my all time favorite movie! My favorite character is Itchy! Well thats all for now!

<3 Sigourney
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14th November 2003

charliebbarkin2:51pm: Updates
I've been playing around with the style of the community journal, have yet to find something I like. We've now got a background, though! A list of All Dogs go to Heaven links has been added to the community info page. If anyone knows of other adgth sites hiding out there, let me know and I'll post the link on the info page.

Thats all :)
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9th November 2003

diamondgloom4:17am: Introduction...
Hi everyone,

I love this movie. It's surely one of my favorite animated...anything. I find myself watching it all the time, I only wish the sequels were as good as the original. I think I owe Charlie for catalyzing my love of German Shepherds when I young, he kind of got the idea in my head of the perfect dog, and when I learned more about them I fell in love, and years and years later ended up getting my own. :)

I just love how in the movie they actually go out of their way to use various breeds of dogs, and reflect (and exaggerate) off their supposed breed personality.

Great movie all around, I hope more people start posting...
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15th October 2003

forrestwolf11:20pm: *waves*
Hi everyone! ^^
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14th September 2003

zairedwinters7:18pm: No! Nooooo!
ADGTH: The Series is on air Monday through Friday at 8AM to 8:30AM on UPN33 in Miami, Florida, but not on any other UPN station on the East Coast!


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23rd June 2003

charliebbarkin1:44pm: New Community Alert
Ah, an All Dogs go to Heaven community, how cool is that?

I'm still kind of new to actually running a community on live journal, so it might take a while to get stuff looking halfway decent here.

Rules and other stuff coming soon. Yay for.. rules? bleh.
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