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Hi everyone,

I love this movie. It's surely one of my favorite animated...anything. I find myself watching it all the time, I only wish the sequels were as good as the original. I think I owe Charlie for catalyzing my love of German Shepherds when I young, he kind of got the idea in my head of the perfect dog, and when I learned more about them I fell in love, and years and years later ended up getting my own. :)

I just love how in the movie they actually go out of their way to use various breeds of dogs, and reflect (and exaggerate) off their supposed breed personality.

Great movie all around, I hope more people start posting...
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Yeah, the first ADGTH movie rocked. And its most likely the same with my love for german shepherd dogs, I fell in love with Charlie when I first saw the movie when I was young, and I've loved the german shepherd breed ever since!

Welcome to the community, btw!